SSEANCE – Stillness

Greg Oliver’s longstanding friendship with Neon Productions paved the way for an exciting collaboration when he approached us with new music from his latest band, ‘SSEANCE.’ With our shared history and mutual creative passion, we were eager to dive into this project headfirst and create an amazing music video.

Given full creative freedom, we embarked on a journey to bring SSEANCE’s music to life visually with this music video. Our ambitious vision called for the creation of a 4mx4m high cube that would serve as the setting for a small flat. Leveraging our expertise in engineering and hands-on construction, we set out to realize this ambitious set design using recycled and donated materials, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to production.

Recognizing that our ambitious ideas surpassed our budgetary constraints, we knew that this project would require us to leverage every available resource and call in favours from our network of collaborators and supporters. Through sheer determination and resourcefulness, we rallied together to bring our collective vision to fruition.

At the heart of the music video lay a profound exploration of Greg’s psyche, with the set serving as a visual representation of his innermost thoughts and emotions. Initially presenting a facade of normalcy and humanity, the set gradually evolves to reveal the darker recesses of the mind, where haunting memories and inner demons lurk, threatening to overwhelm and consume.

The result was nothing short of spectacular – a testament to our team’s creativity, dedication, and collaborative spirit. SSEANCE’s music, paired with our visually stunning set design, captivated audiences and garnered widespread acclaim. The song was even featured on BBC Introducing, catapulting SSEANCE into the spotlight and launching their latest EP to critical acclaim.

For Neon Productions, this music video stands as one of our proudest achievements to date, showcasing our ability to transform creative vision into reality and elevate emerging artists to new heights. As we continue to push the boundaries of artistic expression, we remain committed to fostering meaningful collaborations and bringing compelling stories to life through the power of music and visual artistry.