Poisoned Playgrounds

This social media production originated from the innovative minds at BMB, a testament to their ingenuity and commitment to driving awareness on pressing environmental issues. In response to alarming national statistics revealing a concerning prevalence of UK schools situated in heavily polluted areas, the agency sought to create a visually striking piece that would command attention and spark urgent action.

Despite operating on a self-funded micro-budget, BMB embarked on a bold creative social media production, filming across two London schools to vividly illustrate the potential consequences of unchecked pollution. Drawing inspiration from the stark realities of the past, children were outfitted in hauntingly authentic 1940s gas masks, offering a chilling glimpse into a dystopian future wrought by environmental neglect.

The resulting social media production, with its arresting imagery and powerful message, garnered widespread acclaim and attention. Recognizing its potential to effect real change, global charity Client Earth took notice and swiftly embraced the campaign, distributing digital and print assets across the nation, aimed at galvanizing public support for cleaner air initiatives.

The impact of the campaign travelled far beyond its initial release, culminating in a landmark court victory for Client Earth against the UK Government in their tireless pursuit of environmental justice. This pivotal legal triumph served as a resounding affirmation of the importance of collective advocacy and the undeniable urgency of addressing air quality concerns.

In the wake of this victory, momentum has continued to build for efforts aimed at safeguarding public health and preserving our planet’s precious ecosystems. While strides have been made in the ongoing battle for cleaner air, there remains much work to be done. BMB’s ground breaking initiative stands as a potent reminder of the power of creativity and collaboration in effecting positive change, inspiring hope for a future where all individuals can breathe freely and thrive in a healthier, more sustainable world