The Silk Society

The Silk Society on Berwick Street is one of London’s leading fabric stores. Per year, they deliver some the finest quality fabrics to thousands of international customers. Their ability to consistently remain at the top of their industry was the inspiration behind this film.

Narratively, we aimed to build a story around strength, courage and a determination to win. We wanted these to be a reflection of The Silk Society’s resilience to succeed in their industry. We asked the question, if The Silk Society was a person, who would they be? What attributes would they have and what could they achieve? In this realm of thought we connected the concept to an athletes mindset. Someone who pushed themselves everyday to be better and achieve more.All we had to do was match it to a skillset that utilises fabrics…

Introducing Natalie, a full time aerial performer who’s favourite medium is… Silks! – what luck!

Overall, we wanted to guide the audience down the path of a traditional sports advert – with a gritty, inspiring voice over, an all out action performance with contrasts of pre-show preparation – allowing us to live and breathe the daily conditioning required to perform such a difficult act. We allowed the story to explain the hardships of life and the daily struggles we may all face and how a devotion to a dream, some hard work and lots of determination breeds success.

The whole project was then enveloped by a live recorded sound track by Ross Gregory at Aardvark Sounds, utilising a mix of digital and analogue set-ups to achieve its eerie tone.